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Welcome to Masterpiece Flower Company. We are an industry leading, family owned and operated wholesale greenhouse company that provides live plants, floral potted plants and cut flowers to national and regional retailers. Our three generations of expertise, dedicated delivery, and reputation for quality keep our clients positioned at the top of the marketplace.

Floral & Garden Centers

Rooted in Growing

Through three generations of family ownership, our employees have benefitted from a culture of quality, specialization and customer satisfaction. Masterpiece has a rich history of excellence in growing and distributing ever since Henry Mast Sr. immigrated from The Netherlands in the 1940s to pursue the American Dream. Today, with more than 40 acres of greenhouse growing space, his dream has come to fruition and our focus on reliable, top-performing plants is even stronger.

Focused on Large Retail

Masterpiece Flower Company is a leading supplier of plants and flowers to 350+ garden and floral centers in the Midwest region. Our company takes pride in establishing close partnerships with our customers, ensuring a collaborative approach to meet their customers’ specific needs. With our extensive knowledge and expertise in the gardening industry, we care for and merchandise the products in a way that maximizes their appeal and creates an enjoyable purchasing experience for the customers.

Dedicated Transportation Fleet

Protecting our perishable products requires specialized transportation equipment, quick delivery times and a reliable network of trailers and drivers. We accomplish all this and more with our own in-house shipping company, Peak Transportation Solutions. Owning a dedicated transportation network allows us to further control the quality of our product—getting the freshest and healthiest plants possible into our clients’ garden and floral centers.

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