Growing Since 1948

As a registered company, Masterpiece Flower LLC is relatively new to the market. But our practices and expertise are rooted in the tradition of Henry Mast Greenhouses, founded more than 60 years ago.

  1. 1948 - Henry Mast's Vision

    Henry Mast, Sr., arrives from the Netherlands with $300, three children and a dream.

  2. 1950s - A Fondness for Flowers

    Henry Mast, Sr. rents a greenhouse in Grand Rapids, Mich. All of the kids work after school and on weekends growing vegetables and cut flowers for small family retailers. After a year, Henry Sr. realizes that flower production is his love and all vegetable growing stops.

  3. 1960s - Henry Mast Greenhouses is Born

    Henry Mast Greenhouses (HMG) is born, and son Henry Mast, Jr. joins the company full-time. Business takes off when Meijer engages HMG to grow various plants for its first supercenter in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Shortly after, Frank’s Nursery & Crafts moves into Grand Rapids and starts doing business with HMG. With this, Henry Mast Greenhouses decide to focus business on large retail centers.

  4. 1970s - Seed Geranium Experts

    Thanks in part to research with Michigan State University on how to grow and transport plants better, Henry Mast Greenhouses is becoming known for its geraniums. Millions of seed geraniums flow through the doors. Business outgrows the original Henry Mast Greenhouses location. In 1971, the property in Byron Center, Mich. is purchased, which remains the headquarters today.

  5. 1980s - Henry's Sons Continue His Legacy

    Son Jacob Mast joins Henry Mast Greenhouse. Meijer supercenters now exceed 17 in number. HMG suggests Meijer give cut flowers a try for one weekend, predicting there will be high demand among customers. The weekend was a phenomenal success and Henry Mast Greenhouses are soon distributing cut flowers from Columbia and Ecuador to its clients. In 1984, Henry Mast, Sr. retires, leaving behind a legacy of growing quality products. Jacob and Henry Mast, Jr. with technical assistance from brother Bill Mast’s Softworks introduces first-generation computers into their business, paving the way for the future and setting them apart from the competition.

  6. 1990s - Beyond Geraniums

    Production moves beyond geraniums, and six million flowering plants annually are being delivered to Meijer, Frank’s and now, Home Depot. Scan-based trading evolves, which facilitates a focus on end-consumer satisfaction, and is how 95 percent of our business operates today. Scan-based trading allows Henry Mast Greenhouses to respond quickly by distributing plants at peak condition. To care for the plants, merchandisers are hired to work directly in Meijer and Home Depot stores. Jacob Mast retires.

  7. 2000s - Masterpiece Flower Company and Peak Transportation

    Henry Mast, Jr. retires in 2005 after establishing a working group of partners made up of family and non-family members. Those members include: Tim Stiles, Chris Mast, Paul Bouma, Shawn Koepnick, Leroy De Vries, and Ron Mercer. Whitewater Greenhouses in Wisconsin is purchased, located strategically close to the Chicago market. Greenhouse production triples to accommodate growth at Meijer and Home Depot stores in 14 states. At the same time, land is purchased for the creation of Masterpiece Flower Company, the sales, marketing and distribution component of Henry Mast Greenhouses. Peak Transportation, our own truck brokerage company, follows shortly after to help us get products from the greenhouses to the stores in record time.

  8. 2010s - What's next?

    We continue our focus on growing quality products, keeping customers, gardeners and floral shoppers happy, and fine-tuning our energy conservation and environmental practices. The depth of our resources and experience keep us poised for the next opportunity. We’re excited to see what the next 60 years will bring, and we welcome you to join us!